Surfacing Module


3D CAD is indispensable for manufacturers whose works rely on it. Naturally, they often wish to convert the measured data into CAD. However, it is not theoretically possible to carry out the conversion with a simple process because CAD and measured data have different system of representation and ways of being represented in computers even if they look the same on the monitor. Measured data separately accommodates information about pixel, triangles, and coordinates. Hence, it does not record them as a topologically organized way.

On the other hand, CAD softwares defines the shape of objects, utilizing equations such as NURBS and the data that controlls them, by constructing either the surface of the objects or tge surface plus the filling. If one wants to display or measure measured data that tends to be large, or create CAD by surfacing, not CAD but reverse engineering software such as PoiutMaster is required.

PointMaster can convert polygon data into CAD by pasting "surface" onto the surface of the polygon and output the result as IGES file.

It is tough to make acceptable CAD data. To put it another way, measurement data could finally become CAD file if only time is not a problem although success depends to some extent on the quality and complexisity of the measured data. When structural analysis and design software, and input format are restricted, users sometimes have to spend lots of time to make CAD.

The main feature of PointMaster is that high quality CAD surface can be made facilely by anyone.


Procedure Overview of CAD Creation of a Object

pm_cad1.jpg pm_cad2.jpg pm_cad3.jpg pm_cad4.jpg pm_cad5.jpg
 (1)Measured Data  (2)Fraturing to spheres (3)Fixing holes and torn parts of polygon data  (4)Extracting silhoette of the object   (5)CAD plane is pasted
pm_cad6.jpg pm_cad7.jpg pm_cad8.jpg pm_cad9.jpg pm_cad10.jpg
 (6)Errors between measured data and pasted surface are checked any time. (7)Checking the quality of planes and connections by contour line (8)Expanding the surface (9)近似形状をスケッチした自由曲面を組み合わせて、トリミングします (10)Brepで記述された最終形状


bg_h4.gif SurfaceデータをIGESファイルとして出力

bg_h4.gif Transferable 3D CAD softwares of IGES files

Following 3D CAD software is available that can futher process the data output  from PointMaster.

pm_cad_soft1.jpg pm_cad_soft2.jpg pm_cad_soft3.jpg
SolidWorks 2004
(SolidWorks Corporation, USA)
(think3, USA)
CATIA Version 5 Release 13
(Dassault Systems, Fr)
pm_cad_soft4.jpg pm_cad_soft5.jpg pm_cad_soft7.jpg
(McNeel, USA)
I-deas 11 NX Series
(UGS PLM Solutions, USA)
Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0
(UGS PLM Solutions, USA)


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