Void Analysis



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Nondestructive Inspection of Subject

Nondestructive Inspection is a technology that detects hidden damages and defects on an object without breaking it by either radiating radiation and sonic wave on a material, or flowing current or magnetic flux through the surface.

This technology is utilized for various purposes from analysis of plain crash to examination of bulding and plumbing.


There are types damages and defects detectable by nondestructive inspection.



Among the types of defects shown above may be hidden inside, which requires having a look inside the subject.


Void Analysis (Sold Separately)

Void analysis detects "voids" from the images and classify them into groups, which are "labled" separately with different colours.

By making the original greyscale image transparent or translucent, voids expressed in different colours appear. The number, volume, and size of the void are displayed below.

The size, distribution, and ratio of the cracks and bubbles in the objects becomes apparent after the Void Analysis.

The result could be exported as parameters numerical values in a csv file.



透明材料 歪み/欠陥検査 多角的偏光イメージング Polamazing 1000 3D画像解析一筋 20年の匠 実績多数の受託解析サービス 断層画像 二次元/三次元可視化ソフトウェア ExFact VR 断層画像(X線CT/FIB SEM等)の3D化ソフト ExFact VR 2.1誕生 多孔体/粒子等の複雑構造評価/分析ソフトウェア ExFact Analysis for Porous/Particles ファイバー構造(繊維等)の配向性評価/分析ソフトウェアExFact Analysis for Fiber リバースエンジニアリング・ソフトウェア PointMaster スライス画像(FIB-SEM/医用画像/連続切片画像)位置合わせソフト ExFact Slice Aligner 三次元画像をブラウザで簡単閲覧 データ共有やWeb公開も楽々 ExFact VR Player 4Dイメージング用 小型万能試験機 圧縮/引張/曲げの応力変化観察 3D画像解析 無料論文集 全14本 60ページ